I'm Darll/ 25/ Born in Brazil but raised in Maryland. . This is a messy, disorganized collection of pictures, quotes, and other random things that warm my heart. Also, some of my own artwork is thrown in here and there. There might even be a few selfies floating 'round every now and again. It can get interesting. Good people, good conversations, good books and good coffee make me smile. Add me on instagram: PaperSailship Talk to me on skype: papersailship

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    Home In Stockholm: Styling By Fantastic Frank

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  • Midnight Thoughts (I got lucky with you)

    Sucks to be you

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  • "When you meet someone who tries their hardest to stick by you regardless of how difficult you are, keep them. Keep them at all costs because finding someone who cares enough to look past your flaws isn’t something that happens every day."